Our volunteers research based on our field observations, questionnaire-based interviews and Public scientifics research report.Below are some of the factors  responsible for the decline of wildlife in the Greater Maasai Mara.

-Some of the main ones include the government policy that is increasingly discouraging nomadic pastoralism in favor of permanent settlement that disrupts wildlife corridors.

-Ranch farming expansion therefore is a major threat to wildlife conservation in Maasai Mara and for the wildlife conservation (i.e preservation of open grazing lands) to be perceived as an advantage over Ranch farming, it will have to provide better revenue for the local people than the Farming activities.

-At the same time, livestock population trends over the past three decades show that cattle and sheep are on the increase in Masai Mara. There is increased competition for pastures due to increasing livestock production in Maasai Mara.
-The tourist facilities have mushroomed in ecologically fragile areas that serve as breeding and calving grounds for most wildlife species.
-Poaching  causes local wildlife population declines. For many non-migratory
wildlife species like our magnificent animals like Elephants ,Rhinos and others species.
-Then the drought may also have affected the wildebeest population and contributed to the
observed wildlife declines.

– Diseases like Canine distemper,Rabies and Canine parvos virus affects most carnivoros species.

-Sarcoptic Mange disease prone to cheetahs

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