* To create a sustainable management of resources in Masai Mara that would allow economic development for the local people and at the same time achieve wildlife conservation as major.
* To enable biodiversity conservation programs which seek to maintain characteristics of the landscape and improve wildlife management.
* To  secure many of the wildlife species disperse over the park during wet seasons and others reside permanently surrounding privately owned Conservancies.
* To stop the loss and fragmentation of habitat due to several factors that has serious implications for the viability of most of these wildlife populations.

*To Keep the current state of affairs calls for quick and concerted effort in order to overcome the problem of habitat destruction and other forces threatening the Maasai Mara ecosystem by ensuring that conservation successfully coexists with local users.
*Support such strategy would be to promote incentives to increase economic returns from wildlife for the local people so that they can be motivated to conserve wildlife. For this to work, group ranch members have to benefit directly, and incomes have to exceed gains from alternative activities such as farming.then the potential for conservation would be high.

*Involving local communities in the management of resources and instituting participatory resource planning could go a long way in overcoming some of the problems in Maasai Mara. For a long time, genuine participation by local people has been lacking, resulting in loss of trust, hostility and resentment towards conservation. Effective participation that involve empowering local people to take part in designing, planning, decision-making, implementation, benefit sharing, monitoring and evaluation of all developments in the area. Because the local people own the land, participatory process is essential in reaching consensus about the appropriate uses in specific places.

*To support only such uses that are compatible with conservation need to be allowed in critical areas such as migratory corridors, calving and dispersal grounds.
* To create long term sustainability of conservation. Ultimately, people need to be fairly compensated for costs incurred through wildlife damage and opportunity cost of alternative land uses.
* To protect the ecosystem and to ensure sustainable tourism,environmental impact assessment regulations need to be enforced and strictly implemented to ensure all harmful impacts are avoided like poaching.

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