Gratitude for Our Supporters

Maa Silver Research Kids Home Tuition

29th, OCTOBER, 2016.

Sometimes identifying a problem is simple but how can you solve it need you to unite with friends. Maa Silver Research of Flora and Fauna in Maasai Mara exist to protect the ecosystem and creating awareness to communities about the importance of wildlife conservation and education in the society.


We also integrate wildlife research and education research in our  rural area to alleviate education in kids and by so we can be sure of the posterity of our society in coming generations. We decided to approach school going kids both in boarding and days schools after school to encourage them continued learning at home despite the difficulties like; Good facilities, sources of light, enough Books, and time to learn after school due to home chores.

Being the few elites in the community that are lucky despite the above problems to completed grade 8 and others high schools, we agreed together to unite by others accepting to nurture these kids at home by volunteering to teach them and others supply learning materials to the program.


Many thanks indeed for our global network of friends for providing support in various ways; recently we received books from California our partner organization led by our friend Theresa Kaul. They heard about the problems we have as an initiative that willing to provide help to young people on planet earth regardless of the lack of facilities and equipment to access a good education in the geographical area that we are in.



Watch Thanksgiving video

Our kids now expand their learning horizon’s beyond the obstacles as they can’t now

hover over one book thanks to the efforts of our friends. We are deeply grateful for all the support.

Come join us as we provide learning problems solutions to the less fortunate in Marginalized communities. We are very optimistic no matter what obstacles we conquer all.

Thank you.

Maa Silver Research CBO


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