Birds rehabilitation

Our volunteers visit of Naivasha owls trust, NGO which rescue and rehabilitated then release raptors and injured birds to the wild when they are well fit and adaptable to nature, We encountered one of the biggest crowned Eagle captured in the Maasai mara Siana conservancy. Juvinile black Kite is now permanently living in the sanctuary because it depend only on carrions in the farm with no skills to adapt the out side life. Others are treated then taken to Soysambu conservancy raptors released site. Ruppells griffon vulture in the sanctuary was so aggressive than one come closer amazing bird of prey now endangered species due to furadan poison when feeding from poisoned carcasses but Kenya birds nature set a national day to create awareness to the society about the important of the species and also seeking reforms to stop this pesticide from Kenyan market so to protect this species and others in the wild.


Verreaux owl eagle- one eye is blind.


Augur Buzzard


African fish Eagle


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